Faces of Fatherhood Photo Competition

Pilot Program (Sponsored by the 21st Century Dads Foundation)

21CD boy with camera


The Faces of Fatherhood Photo Competition…

Is an awareness campaign designed to highlight the important role fathers play in society.  21st Century Dads Foundation is looking for creative images of dads and children in the following categories:

1)   Father and daughter(s)
2)   Father and son(s)
3)   Grandfather and grandchild(ren)
4)   Multi-Generational (i.e. more than two generations)
5)   Teen Fathers
6)   Open category (images that depict a father & child(ren)

Who is Eligible to Participate?

All Barrington High School age students are eligible to participate.

What Type Of Recognition & Awards Are Involved?

Each participating student will receive a Great Dads Coin ($15 value) just for submitting one or more entries.  At least one student from each participating high school will be recognized as a finalist.  Each finalist will be eligible to receive a $500 BrightStart college scholarship.   If there are ample entries from your school, each of the finalist photos will be used as part of an exhibition in your school and or community.


4 out of 10 – or an estimated 24m – kids are growing up in father absent home across the United States.  When dads are not present, youth are 4x more likely to grow up in poverty and 9x more likely to drop out of high school.

The Faces of Fatherhood Photo Competition will help raise awareness for the important role dads, stepdads, granddads, and father-figures play in the lives of today’s youth.

Research shows that when dads are involved:

•   High school graduation rates increase, which means more kids attending college and reaching their full potential,

•   Teen pregnancies go down, which means fewer abortions and kids having kids,

•  Teen suicides go down along with the incidence of other mental illnesses, and

•  Teen drug & alcohol abuse goes down, which means fewer lives lost to these horrible addictions.


Entries are being accepted from January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.  You are able to enter as many photos as you like.


First, download and fill out the Official Entry Form here: Photo Competition Entry Form.  Upload your completed form here.

A panel of professional photographers will serve as judges and select photos in each of the categories. Finalists will be notified and their photos will be posted on the 21st Century Dads Foundation website. Upload your photo(s) here. NOTE: PHOTOS SHOULD NOT BE LARGER THAN 10MB.