Listen to all the heartwarming stories about very special fathers and their very special children.

Randy Lewis - American Story

The Father Who Was Transformed By His Son's Autism

And it would lead him, to then transform the lives of thousands of other "differently-abled" Americans. Former Walgreens executive Randy Lewis' incredible story as part of our Special Fathers series.
Special Dad, Special Son image

A Special Father...With a Special Son

This is the story of a virus that changed 6-year-old Ben Oommen's life forever...and now his father Tony's story, of living in a whole new world. For our "Special Fathers" series, we hear from the fathers of children with special needs. Listen to his special story.


Changing lives of people with chronic spinal pain

Jim Elliott, founder of, changes lives by teaching scuba diving in pools. He helps disadvantaged people with chronic spinal pain feel pain-free for up to 3 weeks by scuba diving in a weightless environment.
Skip Gianopulos with family

A Father Of Two Daughters With Special Needs

Skip Gianopulos Is the father of four daughters; two with special needs. Take a listen to see just how this man's life has been changed, and how he's helped change the lives of many more through his work with GiGi's Playhouse.