Dads Honor Ride is a cycling and fundraising campaign. The inaugural ride DHR15 took place from June 1-21, 2015. The ride started in Santa Monica, CA, loosely followed the iconic Route 66 and concluded in Chicago on Father’s Day.

One of my favorite selfie pictures.

DHR15 was a bicycle ride – not a race – covering 2,300+ miles of terrain over 21 days.  Riders stopped along the way to honor dads and to raise awareness for fatherhood programs including: Boot Camp for New Dads, Native American Fathers & Families, and Watch D.O.G.S. DHR is also a metaphor for being committed father and life itself.

There were up hill days where less progress is made, downhill days that seem easy, sunny warm days where it’s enjoyable and dark rainy days you just have to power through.