184 – Agust Kristmanns of Reykjavik, Iceland, Board Member of Einstokborn, Father of 3, Including a Son with 2Q37 Deletion Syndrome

Our guest this week is Agust Kristmanns, of Reykjavik, Iceland an electrician with three children, including middle child Ingi (20) who was diagnosed with 2Q37 Deletion Syndrome, a rare chromosome condition affecting an estimated 300 people in the world. Because of Ingi’s late diagnosis, at age 11, he was denied access to resources, which prompted the family to sue the education ministry. We’ll hear Agust’s story including his effort to start a Dads Meetup Group in Iceland. It’s a unique tale and one you’ll enjoy on this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad Podcast. Show Links:Unique Children of Iceland. (Einstokborn) – https://www.einstokborn.is/is/english

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