114 – SEND International Missionary Nathan Woerner And His Daughter with Angelman Syndrome

On this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad Podcast, we hear from Nathan Woerner, a missionary with SEND international and a father of two children including Ada. (2), who has Angelman Syndrome. Nathan tells of his family’s travels to Japan and the differences between American and Japanese healthcare. That’s all on this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad Podcast Show Links: SEND International – https://send.org/Angelman’s Syndrome – https://www.angelman.orgFAST (Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics – https://cureangelman.org Find out about the Special Fathers Network at: https://21stcenturydads.org/about-the-special-fathers-network/ Sponsored by Rubin Law www.rubinlaw.com Transcript: Coming Soon. 

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