259 – Ryan Wolfe of Canton, OH Is President & Executive Director Of Ability Ministry, Equipping Churches To Embrace Disability

Our guest this week is Ryan Wolfe of Canton, OH, who is a minister as well president and executive director of Ability Ministry, founded in 1983, an independent Christian nonprofit that provides resources, curriculum, training, and residential services designed to equip and empower the disability community.. Ryan and his wife Melissa have been married for 25 years and are the proud parents of two children, Rocco (16) and Zoey (14) who is dislexia. We’ll hear all about Ryan and his work on this week’s Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad Podcast. Show Links –Email – ryan@ccdmonline.orgLinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-wolfe-a121021a/Website – https://abilityministry.com/Disabililty is Beautiful – https://disabilityisbeautiful.comFacebook

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