118 – Dwayne Wiseman Reflects On Fathering Three Children With Dwarfism & Growing Up As A Little Person Himself

Our guest on this Dad to Dad Podcast is Dwayne Wiseman. Dwayne was born with Dwarfism and is short statured. He and his wife Sandy, who is also short statured, have four children; two with different forms of Dwarfism, another with Dwarfism who sadly passed away at age one, and the fourth of average height. It’s a fascinating story and we’ll hear it on this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad Podcast. For more information on dwarfism visit the Little People of America website at: https://www.lpaonline.org And find out about the Dwarf Athletic Association of America at:http://www.daaa.org Transcript: Dad to Dad

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