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Inspired by the energy from the SFN Mastermind Group 3rd Annual Retreat in Chicago last month, 21CD has decided to launch a training program to expand the SFN Mastermind Group Program. Nathan Woerner, SFN Mentor Father and Mastermind Group Dad will be spearheading the effort.

The objective is to get 10 new SFN Mastermind Groups of 10 up and running by the start of 2024. It’s an ambitious goal, but with the help of like-minded dads, like yourself, it will happen

We are looking to train at least ten men (leaders) in a three-part curriculum on how to be a effective SFN Mastermind Group leaders.

Part 1 – background on 21CD, SFN & Mastermind,
Part 2 – how to recruit the right dads with proper expectations, and
Part 3 – how to run effective meetings and retention

We have established two training dates:

Thursday, October 26th from 7-10pm US Central Time
Saturday, October 28th from 8-11am US Central Time

Would you please CLICK HERE to self nominate and indicate your availability for one or both these times?

From the 3rd Annual SFN Mastermind Group Retreat held in Chicago



“The experience of being in a Mastermind group, where we build one another up through weekly conversation, accountability, and celebrating the wins of special needs fathering, can only be topped by the annual Mastermind retreat, where we get to do all of the above as we enjoy great food, hospitality, and adventures together in person! Being part of this fellowship has been such a fundamental turning point in my growth and maturity over the past year. I would not be reaping the fruits of a more abundant life without these guys and our commitment to one another.” – Matt R.

“The mastermind groups are highly unique in that they comprise that rare place of encouragement and challenge. No place else on the planet is there a group of men so humbled and refined by the special needs fires of this life. They lend a patient, listening, and non-judgmental ear to those seeking to grow and be the best fathers they can be.” – Joe L.

“Once again our retreat came at a perfect time for me, having just gone through a difficult period with Daniel. It’s almost like as soon as you see that first Dad all filters disappear and you are comfortably naked. We are free to expose feelings, fears, and our darkest moments without any fear of judgment…… I Luv you all and would do anything to make your life just a little bit easier if not for just one day in our sometimes stressful lives, remembering always that the Blessing we receive are countless and Beautiful.” – Jeff J.

“Each retreat causes me to understand the issues of raising special needs children more deeply, as well as reinforces the significance of father presence.” – Rich G.

“I can’t recommend the SFN Mastermind Group Retreat enough. It’s a unique opportunity to bond with fellow dads dealing with similar struggles, learn from inspiring speakers, and recharge in a beautiful setting.” – Jason H.

“Thanks for your e-mail and for organizing such a great weekend. I found it very valuable and energizing. The SFN bond is unique and I’m lucky to be a part of it.”Mike M.

“It was so wonderful to spend time in Chicago with this group of “disability dads”. We played hard, but also worked hard on going deep to connect even more with one another. Many of us have come to view this group as brothers. Though our children range in age from toddlers to well into their 30’s, and with disabilities both physical and intellectual across the IDD gamut, these guys have one thing in common: a deep desire to be better fathers, better husbands, and better men.” – John S.

“Having attended my first SFN Mastermind retreat this past weekend it was a tremendous experience. The time spent with the other fathers was a humbling experience, but also a hopeful experience reinforcing the fact “You are not alone” in this fatherhood journey.” – Shane M.

“There are few things I look forward to more than the weekend I get to see these men. I’ve been so empowered by the weekly SFN Mastermind over the year, yet there is something powerful about being in the same room.” – Nathan W.

“I always enjoy getting together with these guys in person. Great time yo share ideas and recharge the batteries.” – Tony B.