Individual Riders

Individual riders are encouraged to participate during one or more of the 21 days (average 100 miles/day) of the ride.  Refreshments and food are provided to all registered riders throughout the day(s) of their ride. Overnight accommodations will be provided to those riding multiple days.  Click here for a list of FAQs.

Each rider will have his/her individual fundraising page at the website. Start the registration process by completing one of the following preliminary forms. The completed form may be uploaded here.

  1. Prelim Rider Form
  2. Prelim Rider Form 1st Responders
  3. Prelim Rider Form Urban Dads
  4. Prelim Rider Form Veterans


  • —1 Day – $1,000 or more (swag bag with rider jersey)
  • —3 Days – $2,500 or more (above and cool ride jacket)
  • —7 Days – $5,000 or more (above and commemorative ride belt buckle)

Click here to view the route and daily checkpoints.  

Relay Teams

Relay Teams are encouraged to participate for different distances:

  • —3 day teams – $2,500
  • —Weekly teams – $5,000
  • —Full Ride teams – $15,000

Relay Teams can include: corporate, state, city, university, all women, veterans, tandem, grandpas, other.

The heart of the Dads Honor Ride are the relay teams. We intend to limit the number of riders to ten per day. In other words, we are looking to have no more than 5 relay teams.

Each relay team will have a team captain, who is responsible for recruiting his/her relay team members. Each rider is expected to ride for at least one day at a time but may ride as many days as they like. If you’d like to be a relay team captain, please send a message to relay@21stCenturyDads.org

Community Riders

—In additional to the registered individual and relay team riders, the event will also include fun 2.1 mile father-child rides organized by local communities on the weekends of the ride and sponsored by local bike shops.


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