Pre-Ride Volunteers – there are many volunteer opportunities to fill before the ride kicks off on June 1st.  You can sign up to volunteer here.

1) Help plan one of the father-child community events:

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• Saturday, June 6th in Gallup, NM
• Saturday, June 13th in Oklahoma City, OK
• Saturday, June 20th in Bloomington, IL


2) Help recruit riders for one of the ten relay teams:

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1.   Boot Camp For New Dads Relay Team
2.   National Center for Fathering Relay Team
3.   Illinois Fatherhood Initiative Relay Team
4.   All Veterans Relay Team
5.   All Women’s Relay Team
6.   All Grandpas Relay Team
7.   All First Responders Relay Team
8.   Corporate Relay Team #1
9.   Corporate Relay Team #2
10.  Corporate Relay Team #3


3) Help secure in-kind donations and rider supplies.

4) Help with the May 31st kick off event.


During Ride Volunteers – June 1-21.
Please consider volunteering during week #1, #2, or #3.
You can sign up to volunteer here.

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1)  We need support vehicle drivers and a mechanic.
2)  We need RV drivers.
3)  We need someone to handle media relations and do advance work.
4)  We need someone to help with photos and videos.
5)  We need someone to handle the social media (FB, blogging, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.)


View the Honor Ride route and week here. To volunteer or get more information, please click here.