121 – Attorney Bruce Hearey, Father of 7 Including A Daughter Who Is A Spastic Quadriplegic With Cerebral Palsy

Bruce Hearey is our guest this week on the SFN Dad to Dad Podcast. Bruce is an attorney who has 7 children, including 36-year-old Jill who is a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, unable to walk or talk. Bruce talks authentically about his divorce from Jill’s mom and the hardest decision of his life, moving Jill to the Hattie Larlham Home, to ensure Jill will be well cared for and get the best services available. We’ll hear Bruce’s and Jill’s story on this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad podcast. To find out more about Hattie Larlham go to: http://www.hattielarlham.org Transcript: Dad

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