21CD Launching 10 New SFN Mastermind Groups in 2024

MasterMind Group

The SFN Mastermind Group 2024 Kickoff was a good success. We are thrilled to welcome the SFN Mastermind Group Class of 2024. More details will be forthcoming.

Here are the 10 locations and SFN Mentor Fathers who have been through training and volunteered to be local leaders, list in alphabetical order by city: 
Anchorage, AK – Nate Boltz
Bellevue, NE – Jarell Roach
Denver, CO – Nathan Woerner
Georgetown, Grand Cayman – Francis Arana
Houston, TX – TBD
Indianapolis, IN – Lyle Liechty
London, England – Tim CoughlinDavid RossRuslan Vasyutin
Nashville, TN – Matt Rehbein John Shouse
Reykjavik, Iceland – Agust Kristmanns
You can click the names above to listen to each of their SFN Dad To Dad Podcasts.

SFN Mastermind Group dads meet weekly for 75 minutes. Each meeting: 

  • starts with a round of wins from the past week, 
  • includes a discussion of the current book (6 per year) being reviewed, 
  • has two Dad-In-The-Middle sessions for dads to share a challenge, and 
  • ends with a recap and look at the week ahead. 
Each dad also makes a monthly financial investment that covers the cost  of the books, admin and the annual in-person retreat (2023 – Chicago, 2022 – St. Louis and 2021 – Nashville). 
We are only looking for 10 ‘like-minded’ dads per location.
If you or someone you know is located in one these 10 locations and is interested in learning more about the SFN Mastermind Group, please CLICK HERE to send Nathan a message to follow up with you.