190 – Shandra Cubin Co-Founder of Special Hearts, A Dating App For Parents Of Kids With Special Needs & Who Has A Son Hyperlexia

Our guest this week is Shandra Cubin, co-founder of Special Hearts, a dating app for parents of kids with special needs. Shandra and her husband, Rich, have two children, including a son, Koen, who has been diagnosed with Seizure Disorder and Hyperlexia, which includes the ability to read at a surprisingly early age and often accompanied by an obsessive interest in letters and numbers. We’ll hear Shandra’s story and more on this Special Fathers Network Dad to Dad Podcast. Show Links: Find the Special Hearts app in the Google Play store, orGo to https://www.special-hearts.com Email – shandraeastman@yahoo.com Transcript: Tom Couch: Special thanks

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